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Movement Theater Studio, NYC (Brooklyn College)



Rose Burnett Bonczek
Program Head

315A Whitehead Hall
718-951-5000 x2768

Patrick Delaney and Monica Mendez
Cerf Assistants to Rose Burnett Bonczek
718-951-5000 x6263

BFA Acting Application (Brooklyn College) BFA Acting Application
BFA Acting Program FAQ (Brooklyn College) BFA Acting Program FAQ
BFA Acting Core Principles (Brooklyn College) BFA Acting Core Principles
Speech & Debate (Brooklyn College 2016)
DNA (Brooklyn College 2016)
When We Wake Up Dead (Brooklyn College 2016)
Almost Maine (Brooklyn College 2014)


This 63-credit major offers intensive courses in Stanislavsky-based acting, Alexander technique, improvisation, voice production, diction and dialects, solo performance, stage combat, the business of acting, acting with the camera, and theater history.

BFA Acting students have specific semesters dedicated to developing and strengthening personal process, investigating the works of Shakespeare and other classic playwrights, exploring approaches to works of contemporary playwrights, integration of voice and physical training, developing original works, and completing a capstone senior thesis project (research, development and performance of a role, and a written research thesis). In the final semester, eligible students will produce and present an acting showcase in Manhattan for industry professionals.


Deadline: January 30
(February 24 for international students)
Auditions: February 23 and 24, 2018

Interested applicants for the BFA in Acting concentration should download a written application (this includes audition guidelines, and additional information about the BFA). You can also request a hard copy of the application and guidelines from our office (718-951-5000 X6263). Applicants must complete four (4) written essays and prepare a series of timed monologues for on-site auditions. Twelve (12) students are accepted annually for the following fall term’s cohort. Applicants will not be given an audition time until we’ve received their complete written application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All students interested in applying to the BFA Acting program at Brooklyn College must first complete and submit their application to CUNY. The application for CUNY and the application for the BFA program are two separate and distinct applications. If a student does not meet the admissions criteria set forth by Brooklyn College and is not accepted to the college, they cannot be accepted into the BFA Acting program. The BFA in Acting is a challenging degree program that not only requires its majors to meet all academic and artistic requirements set forth by the department of theater; all theater majors are required to meet the same academic requirements and standards as all Brooklyn College students (this includes the Core Curriculum, acceptable math and reading scores, etc.). All applicants must have completed and submitted their application to CUNY Admissions prior to applying to the BFA in Acting. You will be required to report your status (whether you’ve been accepted to Brooklyn College or not) at the time of your audition.

For further information on admissions criteria for Brooklyn College, please see the link below, "Apply to Brooklyn College Now."


BFA acting majors are not permitted to participate in performances in their first semester of the program (except for unusual circumstances). Thereafter, all BFA acting majors audition for all productions, and accept roles as cast. In the final senior semester, BFA acting majors do not participate in on-campus productions, as they will be involved with their industry showcase.

NOTE: Continuation in the BFA program is contingent upon students meeting the high standards for all academic and artistic responsibilities each semester. Students must achieve a grade of “C” or better in their coursework.